Note to Self (and anyone else who needs to hear it): Your life is what you make of it. You are 100% responsible for your happiness.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

…In the movie The Help, Aibileen teaches young Mae Mobley these three crucial self-values. (Click the quote to see the movie clip.) In real life, we would ALL be wise to say these words to ourselves regularly.
There is NO point in dwelling on past mistakes; woulda/coulda/shouldas will get you nowhere. Be proud of who you are. If it’s not who you want to be then be proud of the “you” that you’re working on. If you’re not working on a better “you” then GET MOVING. And then … be PROUD.
If it helps clarify/remind, make a bulleted list of your values. Hang it on the dang bathroom mirror. Read them often. Tell yourself you’re smart (work on improving your smarts if you feel the need), you’re kind (be sure to BE kind in every aspect of life), and you’re important (that’s the freebee– we’re ALL important in one way or another).
Do not EVER let someone else’s poor opinion of you have ANY value. I spent 11 years married to an emotionally and verbally abusive husband. Oh how he sucked the self-worth right out of me on a regular basis. I could kick myself for those wasted years. But I can’t go back so … moving right along. Today, NOBODY is allowed to do me that way.
Don’t you let anyone do you that way either. Give a fair warning to the world in general:
You will be forever banished from the World of [your name here] if you ever even TRY to bring me down, diminish my worth, devalue my importance,
or in any way be … a meanie. NO MEANIES ALLOWED.
Can’t be any clearer than that.
Once you’ve gotten rid of any self-esteem smashers, make sure that YOU'RE not one of them. Back to that “biggest fan” thing. Keep saying it… I AM SMARRRRRRRT, I AM KINNNNND, I AM IMPORTANT.
Alternative phrases to say to yourself: I roccccccccccck, I kick asssssss …………You get the idea.
Now go out there and be your biggest fan, your own emotional-bodyguard, and your own personal chipper-to-the-point-of-annoying cheerleader.
Life’s too short to sit around thinking you’re not freaking amazing.
Be blessed, y'all.